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A Brief History of Preferred Moving

Preferred Moving Inc. was founded in 2005. The spirit of our company is to provide excellent service with fair and reasonable price. We not only offer residential and commercial movings, but also have car transport, container loading, junk removal and storage service. With the development of our business, now we have our regular customers and well-trained, skillful movers.

Nowadays, Preferred Moving Inc. has become one of the most well-known and professional moving companies in GTA. Our goal is to give our clients the best service in a reasonable price. Our company combines the traditional services with the modern management in order to provide customers with high quality moving services.   

Vision and Values 

Preferred Moving Inc was formed in 2005 aiming to provide comprehensive and competitive moving services for the small to medium sized ‘family’. Every company boasts that they are the best, but there are two ways you can verify the high standard of our service. First, we leave our customers satisfied with our service and recommending us to their friends in the GTA area. Second, it is our goal to provide superior moving service and self-storage facilities to make your life a little easier.

Our Movers

Preferred Moving Inc has experienced team leaders, professional truck drivers, and well-trained movers and packing crew members. Among the full-time PMI workers, 80% of them have at least 10 years of moving services experiences. All our movers are experienced, courteous and careful. Furthermore, we believe better benefits to our workers can bring better customer services in return to our clients. We value our workers’ safety. Hence, all our staff members are insured and well cared for the sake of qualifying our service.

Experience in Canada

PMI’s fleet of trucks is modern and maintained to the highest standards assuring you a smooth and safe move. We have several 26-feet trucks and 24-feet trucks. All the PMI trucks are white in color with our company name and our company’s contact information marked on the truck for easy recognition by our potential customers. Also, our trucks are all equipped with tail lifts to facilitate the moving of furniture from ground level or a loading dock to the level of the load bed of our trucks, or vice versa. The moving equipment is also of top quality making the move more efficient and our protective pads are thick, new and in good condition. With these facilities, we can assure our clients that we don't just move your furniture but also protect and take good care of it.